Donations to World Missions are used to support the following:

  • V.O.E. supports five main missionaries who minister in Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, India, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. We also support special world mission projects.
  • V.O.E. actively works to distribute the Holy Bible, the inspired written Word of God, into far-reaching countries, that might not have otherwise received the good news.
  • V.O.E. supports orphanages that provide food for the poor children in the orphanages on a monthly basis.
  • V.O.E. supports feeding lepers in India, water well drilling projects, and food assistance to the poor in third world countries
  • V.O.E. supports outdoor soul-winning evangelism in various nations as well as inner prison evangelism. Recently over 300 prisoners in an Islamic nation came to Christ through one of our mission outreaches!
  • V.O.E. missionaries often travel to areas where few if any missionaries have ever been.
  • V.O.E. supports pastors and leadership conferences in foreign nations for training men and women for ministry.
  • V.O.E. supports projects in the Holy Land which include a dental clinic in Israel and a special project at the Bethlehem Bible School.