The Mantle was a covering that represented a calling to service, protection, sanctification and covenant relationship with God. The word “Mantle” translates to mean “Glorious”, “Powerful”, “Noble” and “Worthy”.According to Jewish tradition, the mantle of Elijah was placed in a small chamber in the golden altar. Hundreds of years later, Zacharias removed the garment and kept it for the ministry of his son, John the Baptist. When John appeared, many believed he was Elijah, perhaps due to this special mantle.John operated in the “spirit and power of Elijah” (Luke 1:17). He was the forerunner to the appearance of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:2-3). In some way, the spiritual mantle of Elijah rested upon John during his ministry.

We are told that Elijah the prophet will appear in the future to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children (Malachi 4:5). Yet, just as John the Baptist carried a special anointing upon his life, we believe God will raise up a team of men who carry the boldness and vision for ministry that both Elijah and John carried in their generation!

In anticipation of fulfilling God’s destiny in our lives, we are pleased to announce this special men’s Ministry called Elijah’s Mantle. The mission of Elijah’s Mantle is to link men together to:

  • Establish “Kingdom Connections” to assist men in creating their own businesses, expanding their careers and pooling their resources for the advancement of the Gospel.
  • Walk in a fresh anointing and a new boldness to witness and act out the Will of God for their lives.
  • Strengthen their position as spiritual heads of their households and develop closer bonds with their spouse and children.

Elijah was a leader. As a man of God you are called to be a leader. Elijah was bold and uncompromising. You are called to be bold and uncompromising. Elijah carried a special prayer anointing. As one of God’s end time men, you are destined to carry a special anointing.

Just as Elijah and John prepared a way and “made ready a people for the Lord” (Luke 1:17), God is raising up men to help prepare the people for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Director of Elijah’s Mantle, Bob Gesing:

My wonderful wife Cheryl and I were introduced to Perry’s ministry through television. We attended our first Camp Meeting in June 1999 and received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This blessing, along with a special message Perry preached on giving and establishing your covenant with God, changed our lives.

While I enjoyed a successful career as a Vice President in charge of healthcare for an international architectural firm, Cheryl and I covenanted with God to start our own business with the sole purpose of supporting VOE and helping fund God’s end time harvest. Because we established this covenant our business has flourished beyond imagination, even during economic downturns. We give God all the glory and are thankful for his covenant faithfulness.

Recently, while searching how we could increase our business to give more, I heard the Lord speak the word …SEED! I sensed the fruit of the business God had entrusted us with would become seed for other businesses and more importantly, I was to help equip others to free themselves from the bondage of this world and learn to operate exercising faith in God’s covenant promises.

The ministry of Elijah’s Mantle is for men who desire to move above a life of mediocrity and to become men of spiritual vision, power and leadership. Through this special men’s outreach we will link men of God together as “Kingdom Connections”. Together we will boldly step into the destinies God has prepared for each of us.

I encourage you to become a part of the team by filling out the attached form and faxing it to me at 1.740.927.1572. Together we will discover the keys to operating at our greatest potential for the end time harvest and the kingdom of God.

Director of Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone, Jr.:

Many men are searching for their place in the kingdom of God. Others are struggling in their faith and seeking spiritual renewal. Some see the potential of stepping out, forming their own business, but are uncertain of how to make it happen. This new VOE Outreach, directed by Bob Gesing, is designed to bring men together, creating fellowship and spiritual insight while linking men together to strengthen one another and form “Kingdom Connections” in the realm of business.

I encourage each of you who pray for and support VOE to be a part of this fellowship of men. We will have special times of meeting together during our Summer Camp Meetings and will be in contact with you throughout the year with important teaching and information valuable to your covenant with God.

Fill out the information form at the link below. If you will be attending a Camp Meeting, you may leave the form at the resource tables. You may also fill out the form and fax it to Director Bob Gesing. We are looking forward to a great time of fellowship and seeing what the Lord is going to do through Elijah’s Mantle.

When you become a part of this ministry team, you will:

  • Receive special Insight letters and cassette tapes throughout the year.
  • Be a part of a special luncheon at the Summer Camp Meetings.
  • Meet other men and form “Kingdom Connections” for business.
  • Be a part of the growing ministry through the Voice of Evangelism.

If you wish to join the men of Elijah’s Mantle, please click the link below. If you attend a camp meeting, please return your form at the resource table marked “Elijah’s Mantle,” or you can mail the form to:

Bob Gesing
205 Paradise Valley Drive
Alexandria, Ohio 43001
Fax: 1.740.927.1572
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