2017 Brooksville Conference CD Album


The 2017 Brooksville Florida Conference concluded the 3rd week of March and includes Perry’s latest prophetic messages. 6 timely messages released for 2017!


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It is always exciting when the Holy Spirit releases fresh revelation through His Word for His people! These six messages are for this season and carry a strong anointing. Preached recently in Brooksville Florida, these six messages are available for a limited time.


Has Judgement been set or delayed for America?              (FRI PM)

Mystery Babylon, the Islamic Connection                             (SAT AM)                                            

New Insight into the Joel 2 Effect                                         (SAT PM)

Ministering to the Crack Pots in the Church                         (SUN AM1)

Surprise – God Got Here First                                             (SUN AM2)

Too Fat for all of That                                                          (SUN PM)


All 6 messages are included in this audio CD album while they last.