2017 Huntington Conference CD Album


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The angel informed Daniel of an increase in knowledge at the time of the end. Some assume this is scientific or technological advancements. However, in the Biblical context this increase also involves, unlocking the mysteries of prophetic visions and gaining understanding of the times.”  The 8 messages from the 2017 Huntington Conference will do just that! Messages include:

  • 7 Heads of the Serpent – 2 Final Attacks
  • (Thursday PM Service)
  • Discerning the Recent Cosmic Signs
  • (Friday AM Service)
  • When Demon Spirits Descend on America (Prophetic Update)
  • (Friday PM Service)
  • Resting in the Power of the Rhema
  • (Saturday AM Service)
  • The Fear of the Bema Seat
  • (Saturday PM Service)
  • The I Am Revelation for Receiving from God
  • (Sunday 9 AM Service)
  • The Prayer Code Concealed in Christ ‘s Three Prayer Areas
  • (Sunday 11 AM Service)
  • Let the Holy Spirit Take the Chicken out of You
  • (Sunday PM Service)

All 8 messages are included in this album. These 8 messages are also available on DVD as ITEM# 17HG-DVD.

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