2018-2019 Warfare Special – Limited Time

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One time a year Perry  selects a limited quantity of items and offers them at a special discount. This “Warfare” bundle includes 2 of Perry’s most resourceful books on warfare and a favorite CD message on hindrances and spiritual authority. Get it today!

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One time a year Perry  selects a limited quantity of items and offers them at a special discount price. This “Warfare” bundle offer includes one of each of the following items:

Perry’s book, “Exposing Satan’s Playbook” –  In this book Perry explains that you can determine the outcome of your battles when you know in advance the battle strategies of your enemy! In this landmark 256-page book, Perry gives you a detailed teaching on knowing and dealing with your enemy.  

Perry’s book, “Dealing with Hindering Spirits” –  In this book Perry shares lessons, personal stories and Biblical truths as a spiritual resource to help others prepare and deal with sudden supernatural attacks.

Perry’s audio CD, “5 Questions Satan Hopes You Never Ask” –   which answers the 5 questions:

Can Satan read your mind?
Can a Christian be demon possessed?
Does Satan have the authority to kill me or my family?
Does Satan know God ‘s will for my life and can he hinder it?
Does Satan understand my prayer language when I pray?

This bundle offer is only available for the next few weeks, so be sure to order soon!

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