2018 Brooksville Conference CD Album


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It is always exciting when the Holy Spirit releases fresh revelation through His Word for His people! These six messages are for this season and carry a strong anointing.  Those who love fresh Manna and enjoy learning from the Word will enhance their spiritual knowledge when listening to these six messages. The Pastor in Brooksville said, Of all the times Perry has come and ministered here,   these are the most significant messages he ‘s ever heard Perry preach. They are available for a limited time and only a limited number of albums remain – so order soon!

Prophetic Numbers and Israel’s 70th Anniversary                               (FRI PM)

What God Showed Me About the End Time Church                            (SAT AM)

The Undeniable Pre-Tribulation Catching Away                                   (SAT PM)

Why Does God Allow You to Limp in Life                                               (SUN AM1)

Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life                                   (SUN AM2)

The Diary of My Secret Helper                                                                 (SUN PM)

All 6 messages are included in this audio CD album!   Please note – the message, The Undeniable Pre-Tribulation Rapture will sound a little different the first 30 minutes, as the first half was recorded from a different device than the second part. However, it can be clearly heard, just may sound a bit different from the other messages.

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