2018 Hamilton Conference CD Album


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These 5 messages were just released last week at our Hamilton, Ohio meeting! There was one message planned for the Prophetic Summit that I did not preach there, but   preached it in Ohio, called Chronicles of the Day of the Lord. €   This subject is misunderstood and seldom preached.   There was also a unique message I had prepared for a major summer event, that I preached in this series of services called, Secrets of Heaven – Where are the Dead and What do they know?  When digging into this subject, I also shared some of the most unusual stories on infant spirits in heaven and other mysteries related to life after death. On Sunday night one of the strongest presence of the Lord that I have sensed preaching in many months, entered the atmosphere and the glory of the Lord overshadowed the entire congregation. It seemed every person was either weeping or crying out to the Lord.   I believe this message will literally spark a new fire and birth a new hunger to experience God ‘s glory.   The 5 message titles included in this latest album are:

The Message Titles

Friday Night – Things God Wants the Church in America to Know

Saturday Morning – Where Are the Dead and What Do They Know?

Saturday night – Chronicles of the Day of the Lord

Sunday morning – The Power of the Shout the Reasons for the Dance

Sunday night – How to See and Experience the Glory of the Lord

All 5 of these messages are included in this audio CD album and are the latest messages I’ve released.  

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