2018 Jacksonville Conference CD Album


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The first meeting of 2018 was our Jacksonville Conference and we’re pleased to present the 5 new messages from this meeting on CD! The 5 messages include:

  • The Last Day Church and the Simeon Generation
  • (Friday PM Service)
  • Hearing God’s Instruction Through the Rhema Word
  • (Saturday AM Service)
  • The Prophetic Word for 2018 – That’s Already Happening
  • (Saturday PM Service)
  • What Our Warfare Will Look Like in the Future
  • (Sunday AM Service)
  • Speaking Mysteries in the Spirit
  • (Sunday PM Service)

All 5 messages are included in this CD album. Here is a brief description related to each of these 5 messages.

  • Friday night’s message relates to numerous prophetic parallels concealed in the Gospels which are presently repeating in our generation.
  • Saturday morning’s message shares that the Greek words “rhema” and “logos” are connected with the “times and seasons” in your life.
  • Saturday night’s message is a RIGHT NOW word for the United States on how that the Body of Christ will walk in blessing while this nation and it’s corruption will begin experiencing a “shaking!”
  • Sunday morning’s message relates to the last battle for the Body of Christ..TRUTH struggle between true Christians and the carnal culture.
  • Sunday night’s message is taken from 1 Cor 14:2 about speaking in tongues as it releases the power of “mysteries”.

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