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We are in a season of supernatural revelation and insight, as never before (Dan. 12:4). The Holy Spirit is revealing the who, what, where and how of the times and seasons we have entered.   These five new messages are an important resource to everyone!

FRI PMThe Seasons When Kings Go To War

The Scripture indicate there are seasons when, “Kings Go to Battle.” This message digs deep into the reasons for this level of warfare and why Satan is threatened by the season we are in!

SAT AMSpirits that are Battling Your Children

There is an intense struggle between light and darkness clashing with the children and youth of this generation. Find solutions from the Word on facing the enemy’s attacks!

SAT PMWarring for the Fulfillment of the Ancient Prophecies

The greatest expose in the Bible giving understanding of true spiritual warfare with demonic powers is concealed in the book of Daniel. This is a much needed message on the reasoning behind Satan’s interference.

SUN AM – How to Get Your Prayers Answered in the Time of the End

If you are serious about prayer and tapping into the power of anointed prayer then listen to this message!

SUN PM – Speaking in Tongues in the Language of the Angels

Paul makes an unusual statement in 1 Corinthians 13:1, that we can speak in tongues of men and of angels. What is the purpose of the tongues of angels and what is the language of heaven?

These five unique message are fresh bread from heaven and all 5 CD messages are included in a single album. Order now while quantities remain available!

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