2018 Louisville Conference CD Album


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The 2018 Louisville Conference is now available on audio CD. All 8 messages are included in this single album.

Message titles and speakers include:

Thurs PM – The Spirit of Antichrist Now Attacking Believers  (Perry Stone)

FRI AM – The Season of No More Hindrances (Perry Stone)

FRI PM – Inside the Assault on the Administration  (Perry Stone)

SAT AM – Heaven is Waiting on Earth-Releasing Supernatural Miracles  (Perry Stone)

SAT PM – Building A Case for the Pre-Tribulation Catching Away  (Perry Stone)

SUN 9 AM – One Dumb Preacher and One Believing Virgin  (Perry Stone)

SUN 11 AM – When Satan Takes You to Court  (Perry Stone)

SUN PM – The Third Anointing – To Wrestle and Prevail    (Perry Stone)

(Also available on DVD as Item#  (18LV-DVD))

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