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I had not experienced this in quite some time.   During the four services in Maumee, Ohio, the Holy Spirit literally opened the eyes of my understanding to important insight into the times, seasons and spiritual warfare arena in which we are engaged.   I have preached for Pastor Tony Scott since I was 18, and he told the church these messages were the most important he had ever heard me preach.   The 4 message titles included in this latest album are:

SAT PMDiscerning the Times and Seasons we are Now Entering

This anointed message is taken from prophetic passages to explain the past 18 months  in America and why there is a spirit of confusion released in the nation.

SUN 9 AMHow to Walk in the Fullness of the Blessings of Abraham

The Bible speaks of the, Blessing of Abraham coming upon the Gentiles €¦ (Gal. 3:14).   Most people do not realize that the key to being blessed is separation!”  Abraham experienced six levels of separation before he saw the nation God promised him become a reality.

SUN 11 AMThe Progression of the Present – Day Warfare

I have discovered that spiritual warfare is always progressive.   Once a victory is won there will be a new battle to encounter. In  spiritual warfare, Ignorance is not bliss – it can be deadly. This is a very timely message for every believer.

SUN PM – Why so Many Christians Never Receive Illumination

The key to understanding this enigma is the three dimensions of the courts in the tabernacle. They reveal walking by sight, walking by faith, and walking in the Spirit, and much more! Don ‘t be stuck in an outer court rut – move into the glory realm!

These four power packed messages have just been released and made  available on CD. Order now before they are gone!

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