2018 Free Chapel OC Conference CD Album


The 2018 OC Conference recently held at Free Chapel OC in Irvine, CA is now available on CD!


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The 2018 Orange County Conference that was held in Irvine, California only days ago is now offered on audio CD.  This album includes all 6 of the messages shared at Free Chapel in Orange County.

Thousands packed out Free Chapel O.C. to attend. The spiritual hunger was incredible, and the results speak for themselves. Hundreds were restored to Christ and baptized in the Holy Spirit!!  With so many ethnic groups represented, it reminded me of Acts 2 and the Day of Pentecost!  You will be thoroughly blessed by these latest messages from 2018. We encourage you to get a copy today!

Message Titles Include:

Friday PM – Your Three Distinct Seasons of Battle as Prophet, Priest and King

Saturday AM – Positive Proof We Are in the Time of the End

Saturday PM – Trump, The 70 Years of Israel and the Embassy

Sunday 9 AM – Three Attacks That Every Believer is Going to Encounter

Sunday 11 AM – The Battle, The Bondage & The Breakthrough

Sunday PM – There is a Miracle in Your Mouth