2018 Prophetic Summit Conference DVD Album


This 2018 Prophetic Summit DVD album is being closed out! Only a handful remain- order before they are gone!

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They said it was Amazing, Powerful, Shocking, Revelatory, in Season and needed! €

What a powerful 2018 Prophetic Summit! Attendees commented that the speakers delivered the most interesting insight they had ever heard.   You are blessed to be given the opportunity to revisit the event, or for some, to hear what you missed out on!   All 11 UNEDITED messages by Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, Rabbi Landry, Joel Richardson, and Mark Biltz are offered here on DVD!

Here is a list of the 11 services, speakers, and message titles shared at the 2018 Prophetic Summit:

  • Thu PM – God's Determinate Council-God's Political Intervention with Angels (Perry Stone)
  • Fri AM – Profound Developments in Arabia that Fulfill Prophecy (Joel Richardson)
  • Fri Am – God's Calendar – Do You Know What Time It Is? (Mark Biltz)
  • Fri 2:30 – Understanding the Key of David (Rabbi Curt Landry)
  • Fri PM – The Amazing 70 year Cycle and Israel's Fullness (Perry Stone)
  • Sat AM – The Procession of the Messiah (Joel Richardson)
  • Sat AM – The Coming Fullness of the Gentiles (Bill Cloud)
  • Sat PM – Prophetic Date and Insights from Daniel, Ezekiel and Jeremiah (Mark Biltz)
  • Sat PM – Artificial Intelligence and Image of the Beast (Perry Stone)
  • Sun AM – The Scarlet Harlot (Bill Cloud)
  • Sun AM – Deep State Rising-Shadow People Controlling the System (Perry Stone)

Only a very limited quantity of these remain and they are now on close-out! Order before they are gone!

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