2018 Sumiton Conference CD Album


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The Sumiton meeting of 2018 was the strongest move of God’s Spirit in both the preaching and the altar services that I have felt in many years! Robby James said, “This reminds me of the early revival services we were in 25 years ago that went on for weeks where hundreds were saved and filled…” Here are the five very significant and informative messages from this meeting:

  • We are Bored of the King
  • (Friday PM Service)
  • The Prophetic Significance of Israel’s 70th Year
  • (Saturday AM Service)
  • The Secret is Out
  • (Saturday PM Service)
  • Can You See What I See?
  • (Sunday AM Service)
  • The Mystery of How Your Spirit Prays to God
  • (Sunday PM Service)

All 5 messages are included in this CD album. Here is a brief description related to each of these 5 messages.

  • Friday night’s message will plow the hard ground of your spirit and replant the seeds of desire to seek God and experience total spiritual renewal.
  • Saturday morning’s message shares the number of completion and release – a must hear prophetic message
  • Saturday night’s message will delve into the three mysteries God hid from the foundation of the world that are now made known to the spirit world!
  • Sunday morning’s message relates how to fight the adversary with the promises and prophetic words in scripture and those words you receive in your spirit.
  • Sunday night’s message explains the tri- part nature of man and how the human spirit is able to communicate, even after a person dies and goes to heaven!!

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