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These 5 messages were shared in Tipp City, Ohio in June 2018 for the first time!  Perry considers these 5 of the most important messages of 2018! When you order this item, you receive all 5 cds enclosed in an album.

FRI PMGetting Stuck in a Dead Zone

Remember Lot ‘s wife (Luke 17:32).   There is a dead zone that she entered by pulling away from the angel ‘s hand leading her and Lot out of the danger zone.

SAT AMStrange Mysteries Connected to the Rapture

Understand the EMP effect of lightning at the Rapture and other mysteries Perry expounds upon in this detailed expose on the strange mysteries of Christ ‘s return!

SAT PMWhen Earthly Time and Prophecy Collide

This message deals with the time compression in many ancient Biblical predictions.

SUN AM – Depression, Oppression and Suicide

We must understand the natural and spiritual roots behind isolation, the feeling of hopelessness and why people give up on life.

SUN PM – The Authority Factor – The Secret is in the Yoke

There are man-made yokes then there is the yoke of the teacher! This message will help you understand true spiritual authority. €

These five important messages will bring life giving revelation and truth that can be applied to practical living. Perry considers these messages to be some of his most important messages for 2018.

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