2019 4-CD Special Offer – 1/2 Price Limited Time


4 of Perry’s popular messages on audio CD are being bundled together and offered at a 50% discount for just a few short weeks. Take advantage of this savings and order now!

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One time a year Perry  selects a limited quantity of items and offers them at a special discount price. This set of 4 single audio CDs include one of each of the following CD messages bundled together into this special offer at a drastically reduced price for a limited time only.

In this special offer you receive one of each of the following audio CD messages by Perry: This is a great variety of message topics that you and anyone will enjoy!

CD184 – How to Get Prayers Answered in End Times – The greatest spirit you will battle in this season will be the temptation to faint and to give up before your prayer is answered. This dynamic expose on end time praying will set a fire in your spirit and release encouragement for you to believe God for answers to your most desperate prayers

CD185 – Oppression, Depression and Suicide – Suicide is increasing globally, and the causes can be caused by neurological disorders, various forms of medicine, depression, or oppression and at times pressure from a spirit. We must understand the reasons for suicide and protect and pray for those who battle this.

CD187 -Experiencing a Season of No More Hindrances – Paul was given a thorn in the flesh ‘ that continually harassed him. He asked God three times for it to depart but was told God ‘s grace would instead strengthen him. In his later ministry, the hindrance was removed! Learn how that God at times releases a season of freedom from hindrances.

CD188 – When Satan Takes You to Court – Your adversary, the devil, is an accuser that uses the heavenly court to accuse you of sin and failure. How will you respond when guilt, shame, and condemnation assault you through the voice of the enemy?

Receive all 4 of these audio CD messages for $14 which is a 50% savings!  Hurry and order now as this special discount is only available for a short time!

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