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The audio recordings of the “2019 Warrior-Fest #1 Conference,” which took place at OCI in March 2019, are now available on audio CD! We invite you to capture the same impactful revelations and soul-stirring anointing that profoundly touched the hearts of attendees at this remarkable event. Lives, churches, and communities have been transformed forever by the profound experiences during these services, making it the most acclaimed Warrior-Fest to date!

This exclusive CD set includes all four empowering messages from the conference:

  1. Friday Night:
    • Title: “It's Time to Get Out”
    • Speaker: Robert Madu
  2. Saturday Morning:
    • Title: “Get Down with Your Bad Self”
    • Speaker: Josh Carter
  3. Saturday Night:
    • Title: “Addicted to a Feeling”
    • Speaker: Perry Stone
  4. Sunday Morning:
    • Title: “A Secret that Satan Does Not Want You to Know”
    • Speaker: Perry Stone

These four power-packed services are designed to stir your spirit and awaken your soul. Experience the dynamic movement of the Spirit and immerse yourself in the anointed words shared during each service. The audio CDs feature the complete messages, providing a comprehensive record of this extraordinary conference. Additionally, if you prefer visual content, the conference is also available on DVD as item 19WF1-DVD.

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