2020 Jacksonville FL CD Album


First conference and messages released in 2020. Now available on audio CD!


We opened our 2020 conferences at the Assembly of God in Jacksonville, Florida. The five messages from this meeting are explosive!

These 5 messages bring great spiritual understanding and can move believers into a new spiritual dimension!  

The five message titles include:

  • Fri PM – The Battle for Your Heart – You Need a Radical Transformation – This message brings to light how our focus is on the mind and mental warfare so much that we miss the bigger issue, “issues from the heart”.
  • Sat AM – Your Thorns and a Hindering Spirit –  In this message you find how Israel encountered “self-induced” thorns and how to discover your “thorns” or “hindering spirits” and what to do about them. 
  • Sat PM – The Rise of Persia – Prophetic Update – This message is a clear prophetic word, considered the most significant prophetic update in the last 10 months!
  • Sun AM – Prophesy to What You Have Left – This live message resulted in people crying out and rejoicing during the service. It explains the power of your words to remove obstacles.
  • Sun PM – The Last Sign Before the Tribulation – This final message of the conference reveals there is always one significant sign in the Bible that occurs before a major prophetic event. A must hear on significant  signs that reveal when the world is about to enter the tribulation.


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