2021 #1 Best Book Bundle Offer


A LIMITED TIME ONLY – Perrys #1 Best Selling book bundled with a bonus of your choice during the month of December only!



In the history of the ministry, Perry's #1 Best-Selling and most requested book is his latest book, “America's Apocalyptic Reset”.  If you have not yet purchased a copy, you will want to get it!  The response has been overwhelming that from cover to cover this book is hands down the most insightful book Perry has written! Whether buying for yourself or someone else, this is our #1 recommendation for making the perfect gift. 

Because this has been our #1 requested book and contains the latest prophecy insight, it is being featured this month with a BONUS item of your choosing when purchased as one of our “Best Bundle” offers!  To select your bonus item, when purchasing the BEST BOOK OFFER, simply use the drop-down to select the bonus item of your choice to be included with your book.  There are 4 available bonus items to choose from and information about these bonus items is listed below. 

Bonus #1 – CD072 (When God Steps in Your Shoes) – On this bonus audio CD message by Dr. Stone – he teaches you how to step aside and let God change your circumstances. This is Pam's favorite message by Perry.

Bonus #2 – DV126 (DVD – Re-Examining the Apocalypse in the 21st Century) On this bonus DVD teaching, you can watch as Perry reveals many difficult prophecies that can now be understood, including the mark of the Beast, the lost tribes of Israel, the 144,000 Jews, the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation, and prophecies of recent rabbis!

Bonus #3 – Praise & Worship CD (MUS-002) – this bonus is a cd of powerful praise and worship led by Larry and Gina Bean. 

Bonus #4 – CD197 (Elijah and the Final Move of God) On this bonus and very popular audio CD message, Perry shares that the final book of the Old Testament says that God will send Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord! John the Baptist came in the “spirit of Elijah,” and this same level of anointing must operate in our generation to turn things around.



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When God Steps in Your Shoes CD, Re-Examining the Apocalypse in the 21st Century DVD, Praise & Worship CD, Elijah and the Final Move of God CD


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