Manna-Fest Prayer Journal

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Perry personally designed this special Manna-Fest prayer journal! Keep messages, scripture referernces, personal notes and more during Bible study and when receiving BIble teaching and preaching! The journal includes a unique opening section that details the history and outreaches of the ministry along with a personal photo section. The journal pages are unique, in that each page has three different sections- a section for notes, a right column for Scripture references, and a bottom section for special nuggets. The cover is gray leather, embossed with the Manna-Fest logo. This is truly a convenient journal to accompany your BIble for times of study and spiritual growth!

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1 review for Manna-Fest Prayer Journal

  1. Phillip Adcock

    I purchased this product and even though I’ve only been able to see Perry Stone in conference once in my life, I use this each Sunday during my home church services. I love the preformatted headings at the top of each page as I don’t need to remember what to ask, I only simply need to fill in. I go back after services each week and study out the word that has been shared. This notebook has been essential in being able to do so.

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