Meal that Heals Communion Kit (MHCK)

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By request we are making the Meal that Heals Communion Kit available once again! This convenient, portable kit for 2 provides for communion to be shared on hospital visits, visitation, or used for personal communion.


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We are pleased to offer this communion kit as a convenient and helpful tool for taking communion.

This communion kit comes in a black leather pouch with scripture verses and includes 2 stainless steel cups in a holder, a juice vial, funnel and stainless steel Communion bread container.  This kit conveniently enables 2 to take communion together. Many have used this for hospital visits, visitation or for their own personal communion.  

This kit is sold separately here. It is also sold in a package that is accompanied by Perry’s written teaching on daily communion, “The Meal that Heals” as item# CC-53.