Monthly Manna Annual Payment USA (January-December)


Monthly Manna CD Message Club USA  $120 annual payment is now offered from the website for January – December (12) CDs for the current  year!

Additional options available from the VOE ministry center:  Quarterly $30 automated billing and monthly call or mail-in payments as well as “BALANCE DUE” payment for remaining months in the current year are available by calling  423-478-3456.

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Monthly Manna CD Message Club –  A Fresh Bread Delivered to Your House (Annual Membership)

Monthly Manna Club consists of receiving a monthly CD totaling 12 powerful CD messages for the actual current year (January – December).  Each month Perry personally selects an anointed CD preached during a revival or convention and sends it to thousands of Monthly Manna Message Club members. People often write and say “Your message was just what I needed at this time.”   You may participate in the Monthly Manna Club and pay $120 for all 12 CDs (January – December) here and now!

Additional options from the ministry: A quarterly ($30) automated billing as well as a monthly $10 call or mail-in payment or “BALANCE DUE”  payment for remaining months of the current year is available ONLY by calling the VOE ministry center at 423-478-3456.

Joining the Monthly Manna program entitles you to the following:

Monthly Manna Partner

  • You will receive an audio CD, personally selected by Perry each month
  • You will be given access to the Partners’ only Homecoming each year
  • You will be invited to be one of the select partners invited on the Israel Partners’ only tour
  • You will be invited to our Partners’ Meet and Greet times when Perry is ministering in your area
  • You will be given a Partners’ only e-mail address that puts you in direct contact with our Director of Partners’ Relations
  • At the conclusion of each year, you can choose to remain on – or be removed from the Monthly Manna Club

                *Please note that the purchase of this CD each month does not qualify as a tax deductible donation 

For more information contact the VOE ministry center and inquire about “Monthly Manna”. Those living outside the USA refer to PAY156 for annual Monthly Manna Club!