New Testament Blessed by the Blood Limited Time Offer


Perry's New Testament Study Bible bundled with a first-time offered book, Blessed by the Blood by Samuel Ebenezer – Special Offer!

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We only have 400 of this special offer so don't delay!  In this “New Testament – Blessed by the Blood” offer, you receive one of Perry's New Testament Hebraic Prophetic Bibles along with the hardcover book, Blessed by the Blood at a 30% savings.  This bonus 249 hardcover book was written by Evangelist and Teacher Samuel M. Ebenezer. From Perry's foreword of the book, he writes, this book lays an incredible foundation on the importance of the blood of Jesus and is written unlike any other by explaining the deep things of the Word.  Samuel depicts well the necessity and power of why we need the blood; it is the “heart of the Gospel.” He defends its legal right of holiness and explains why it was the final atonement. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the blood of Jesus having a voice that cries out for you!

Blessed by the blood is an insightful and in-depth study of what the blood of Christ means in our lives today. Samuel explains and expounds on the significance of the blood of Jesus before, during, and after the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

  • Understand the significance of Jesus' blood and apply it to your life
  • Reflect on the power and blessings available to you through God
  • Learn how God's forgiveness and grace protect and provide for you

We have a limited quantity of this book so when these are gone, this offer will end. Be sure to take advantage of this one-time special offer!



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