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The Passover season is commemorated each year by devout Jews, recalling their exodus from Egypt.   To Christians it is the reminder of the great day of redemption, initiated by the death and resurrection of Christ. We have bundled together a special PASSOVER package to make available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY which includes one of each of the following 3 items at a special price.

  • Communion Kit

A custom made service for 2 communion kit including 2 cups, a bottle for juice and a compartment box to hold communion bread or wafers which is enclosed in a snap closed travel pouch. This provides a convenient   way to share communion with someone whether on a hospital visit or general visitation.

  • The Meal that Heals book (paperback)

One of the most noted books in our resource library is The Meal that Heals. In this book you discover insight and the benefits on taking communion.

CHALLENGE YOUR SPIRIT, HEAL YOUR BODY, AND EXTEND YOUR DAYS! There is a way to experience life-changing intimacy with God and at the same time, receive emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. The key is daily communion.  Early church history reveals that communion was often practiced daily in homes, and administered to and by individuals. Yet, somehow this practice was lost and segregated exclusively into corporate worship. In  The Meal that Heals, Perry Stone explains the Jewish Passover and how Christ transformed this ancient ritual with his death on the cross. Experience healing in your heart and body by remembering the Lord and His sacrifice daily.

  • Anointing Oil

A bottle of anointing oil (King’s Oil)   made from the olive groves in Israel. This anointing oil is a mixture of olive oil and spices as described in Exodus  30:22-25 as was used in Biblical times.

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