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“Prophecy Being Fulfilled” is a wonderful package that includes the DVD entitled, “The Rapture and the Law of First Fruits” as well as the book, “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled.” From the DVD you will learn how the ancient Biblical harvest cycles contain clues regarding the Rapture of the church. Hebraic research gives solid evidence that the Rapture is an accurate teaching. Learn how the Law of First Fruits shows why the church must be caught up to the Temple of God in heaven before Christ can begin the final harvest of the Jewish remnant on earth during the great tribulation. Then from the book, “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled” you see how amazing parallels between recent events and the days of Noah and Lot are revealed. Perry shows how tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions are a part of the final prophecies concerning the last days. This is an incredible teaching on the Rapture that you won’t want to miss!

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