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This special offer includes 3 of our 2-CD audio albums at a special price. You receive one of each of the following 2-CD audio albums. 2CD317 – The Pre-Adamite World This powerful teaching on what happened between Genesis 1:1 and Gen 1:2 explains and discusses topics such as: How Old is the Earth? Was there a Creation Before Adam was Created? The Fallen Angels Answering Evolution Mystery of the Dinosaurs and more! 2CD219 – Fasting-Key to the Impossible teaches on the power in fasting. Unlock the door to the supernatural power of receiving miracles, healing and answered prayer through fasting 2CD348- Bored of the Rings teaches how to protect your marriage relationship.Boredom can take the life from your marriage! Don’t be surprised – it will happen in nearly all marriages! The routine of life will eventually put cobwebs in your marriage. Boredom can dull your feelings toward one another and if not overcome, may cause a rift in your relationship. All 3 of these albums are powerful resources to teach and give insight and understanding for your spiritual walk with the Lord. Guard your heart, mind and soul as you grow in the understanding of the Word!

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