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Top 6 Prophecy Messages personally selected by Perry!

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Now on audio CD – 6 messages that Perry personally selected with a prophetic right now word for 2017. Messages include:

  • Has the Tribulation Already Begun?
  • How to Pray to Release Angels During Prophetic Seasons
  • The Lot Principle for Escaping End-Time Judgements
  • The Passover Shini – God’s Prophetic Purpose
  • When God Changed the Dispensation of Time
  • Seven Prince Spirits Released by the Dragon

I have literally preached thousands of prophetic messages during my ministry, revealing to believers and non-believers the times and seasons, the signs of Christ coming, the significance of Israel, the future events related to the tribulation, and much more. These 6 audio CD messages from my more recent conferences bring fresh insight into end time subjects and prophetic interpretations.

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