USB of 2017 Warrior Fest 1 & 2 Conferences


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“This product consists of  a 4 GB  USB flash that contain each of the 8 sermons from Warrior-Fest 1 & 2. It is playable through the USB, or can be transferred to a computer or MP3 player.  Take it with you or use it to download the files! Very portable and convenient to use!

You will receive the 4 messages from Warrior Fest #1 and the 4 messages from Warriror Fest #2 so 8 MP3 messages in all. Titles of the messages include:

  • Friday Night   “Jesus is Eternal” by Corey Russell
  • Saturday Morning “Going Overboard” by Josh Carter
  • Saturday Night “Do You See What I See?” by Perry Stone
  • Sunday Morning “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Perrry Stone
  • Friday Night – “My Testimony” by Todd White
  • Saturday Morning – “Awaken Your Burning Heart” by Micah Wood
  • Saturday Night – “Satan’s Trophies” by Perry Stone
  • Sunday Morning – “Defeating Chronic Battles” by Perry Stone

These 8 power packed services will stir your spirit and awaken your soul as you listen. These MP3 audios include the messages in their entirety.

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