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Your tax-deductible contribution to the Partner Strike Force enables the ministry to help spread the Gospel of Jesus around the world.  By joining today, you will get immediate access to the Partner Strike Force website, which includes the Monthly-Manna message as well as three monthly video updates by Perry Stone.

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Supported by the Partner Strike Force

Warrior-Fest Conferences are held several times a year at OCI in Cleveland, Tennessee.  During the conferences, Perry teams up with powerful ministers to deliver life-changing messages that reach the hearts of our young people.  Throughout the conference, testimonies emerge from those who have had bondages broken and have been set free from the oppression of the enemy. This team of ministers has a passion for our young people that’s producing a mighty army for the Kingdom of God.  

Perry seeks out anointed worship leaders to usher in the presence of God and set the stage for a great celebration to Jesus. Merchandise is made available, prizes are given out, and for those called into ministry, special consideration is given from ISOW, the online Bible school (International School of the Word).

Throughout Perry’s ministry, he has led thousands of people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Warrior-Fest is no different.  The presence of God during these conferences is so powerful, that many start receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit even before they are prayed for.

Though the expense of Warrior-Fest is considerable, the urgent need concerning America’s youth has made Warrior-Fest even more important now than ever.  Tens of thousands of young people have experienced the life-changing presence of God felt during these conferences. Your partnership with Perry Stone Ministries helps to make this possible.

          Supported by the Partner Strike Force
In September of 2000, we began to broadcast the Manna-Fest television program.  Since that time, we have continued to expand our weekly television outreach into more and more cities.  Now, through the advancement of online video platforms and on-demand streaming services,  we are now able to reach millions of households around the world. It’s wonderful to see the hand of God at work in the ministry as we bring the Word into your living room! While Christian programming should never replace the church – it is a wonderful tool to reach the lost and teach the believer.
          Supported by the Partner Strike Force
  • The Voice of Evangelism Ministry supports five main missionaries who minister in Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, India, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. Our missionaries have personally won over 100,000 souls to Christ.
  • VOE actively works to distribute the Holy Bible, the inspired written Word of God, into far-reaching countries, that might not have otherwise received the good news.
  • VOE supports orphanages that provide food for the poor children in the orphanages on a monthly basis
  • VOE supports feeding lepers in India, water well drilling projects, and food assistance to the poor in third world countries
  • VOE supports outdoor soul-winning evangelism in various nations as well as inner prison evangelism. Recently over 300 prisoners in an Islamic nation came to Christ through one of our mission outreaches!
  • VOE missionaries often travel to areas where few if any missionaries have ever been.
  • VOE supports pastors and leadership conferences in foreign nations for training men and women for ministry.
  • VOE supports projects in the Holy Land which include a dental clinic in Israel and a special project at the Bethlehem Bible School.
In January 2020, the Lord told Perry that revival would come through the lens of a camera. Since that time, supernatural doors have been opened that have allowed Perry to preach the Gospel into areas of the world that have been unavailable until now.
Thanks to the support of our partners, churches have been built and buildings purchased for congregations around the world.
In 2023,  a new church was built (pictured here) in the village of Melpatti, India.
We are honored to partner with you and help build the Kingdom of God around the world.

Spiritual Benefits

Your partnership in giving allows our ministry….

  • To reach 249 nations with our telecast each year
  • Provide material for prisoners
  • Support missionaries to enable them to reach unreachable people
  • Enables Omega Center International (OCI) to Livestream the service every Tuesday night
  • Ability to Livestream the prayer service held at the Global Prayer Center every Thursday night
  • Assist numerous orphanages each month
  • Provide assistance to the poor through the Samaritan Fund
  • Special missions projects
  • Enables our 30+ dedicated staff members to spread the word throughout the world

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V.O.E. Magazine

What began as a small, four-page newsletter in the late 1970s has now become a full-color 20 to 24-page magazine published six times a year. Mailed to all 50 states and many foreign nations, the magazine contains a feature Sermon, Pam’s Corner, Prophetic Update, Inside the Ministry Update, and the newest ministry products.
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