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          Throughout  Scripture,  including  the
          parables of Christ, there is clearly a “law
          of  separation.”  One  of  the  earliest  ex-
          amples is Abraham and his nephew Lot.
          God instructed Abram to depart from Ur
          of  Chaldea,  leaving  his  kindred  behind
          (Gen. 12:1). This was a clear instruction
          for Abraham not to drag along his rela-
            However, Abraham invited his neph-
          ew Lot to pack up and go along.  For
          months all seemed well, until the herds-
          men  of  Lot  and  Abraham  fought  over
          whose animals would graze in the bet-
          ter grass lands. Lot became baggage, as
          Abraham, on one occasion, had to raise
          up a camel army of 318 servants to res-
          cue Lot and his family. Later, Abraham
          was  pressed  to  intercede  that  Lot,  his
          wife, and his children would not be de-
          stroyed in Sodom (Gen. 18). When Abra-
          ham invited Lot on this trailblazing trip,
          it might have looked good, but it was not
          of God.
            Christ also spoke of the separation of
          wheat from tares (Matt. 13). A tare in a
          field will grow with the wheat, but if you
          mingle it during harvest and eat it, you
          will become sick. Another separation is
          the sheep from goats  (Matt. 25). Sheep
          graze peacefully in a field and shy away
          from potential attackers. A goat will eat
          just  about  anything,  and  an  aggressive
          goat has the potential to bully the sheep
          and be a dangerous attacker. There are
          also good and bad fish that are separat-
          ed when caught in a net (Matt. 13:47-48).

          In  ministry,  as  with  life  in  general,  we
          encounter individuals  who  could win
          an  academy  award  for their  dramatic
          skills. Some folks have a rare talent of
          using their imaginations to turn a mole-
          hill  into  a  dangerous mountain.  Any
          negativity they hear or see  becomes
          their  ammunition  or  spear.  James  al-
          luded to the tongue, the smallest mem-
          ber of the body, and how it can set on
          course  an  uncontrollable  fire  (James
          3:6).  Words  can  start  national  wars,

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