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The “Secret” is Soon

              to Be Released

              P E R R Y  S TO N E

                          ALMOST TWO YEARS,    not a sudden inspiration, but it was   what it is and how it could involve you.
                          I have been hinting   something that has been on my   Not yet. It’s almost time to tell you, but
                          to our readers and   personal bucket list for years. However,   not yet.
                          listeners about a secret   even though it was in the back of my   You will understand why when the
                          project I have been   mind for a long time, I was far too   announcement comes. Hopefully, by
              working on. But I have not divulged   busy to tackle it. And honestly, I was   this winter, information about the
              details to anyone except a few people   too mentally exhausted to tap into   project will be released. Prior to the
              involved with the preparation.   the creativity needed to develop the   release, all who have worked for me
               When I first entertained the idea,   project.                    in the ministry at any time in the past
              I shared my thoughts with Pam. She   Then in 2020, COVID shut down   thirty years will be contacted through a
              immediately looked at me and replied,   ministry road travel, meaning I would   legal letter, stating that they are unable
              “You’re saying it’s a secret project,   not need to prepare 150 new messages   to participate in any manner.
              but I know you. You have a hard time   for services, 40 messages for Israel, and   Keep watching Manna-Fest and the
              keeping anything a secret. I don’t think   many more for conferences. While far   Perry Stone YouTube channel, and keep
              you’ll be able to keep quiet long enough   away from home at a clinic, for a month   checking our Facebook posts and look-
              to finish it without telling everyone.” I   I was in a room with a quiet, peaceful   ing for information in a future issue of
              knew that under the circumstances, I   balcony view. Despite feeling physically   the Voice of Evangelism magazine. Then
              would have to remain silent until the   and emotionally weak and sick, I   when you hear the announcement, fol-
              date was set to reveal the entire project.   decided if I was ever going to start this   low the instructions!
               We are close to completion and   project, now was the time. I began to
              release, so there are a few more   write, research, and think about the
              thoughts I can share with the VOE   project off and on for two years.  Still Keeping it a Secret,
              family and friends. First, this was   By now you might be wondering   Perry Stone, Jr.

                                                                            VOICE OF EVANGELISM  |  JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER  2022  3
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