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When Adults Play Games

          of Children

          PA M  S T O N E

          MANY PEOPLE READING THIS grew up   seconds of controversy that fueled their   stantly remind them how wonderful
          in what some would call an “old school   offense.                  they are, they will blow-up with offense
          Pentecostal church.”  Most church   To publicly express their outrage,   and play childish games.
          members focused on holy living and   within hours, the pastor’s name will be   One child’s game is hide and seek.
          separation from the world. They were   blasted across the internet. He or she   Once offended, the childish church
          able to hear tough, holiness preaching   will be accused of fear mongering, hate,   member will hide out and stop attend-
          and receive an open rebuke, if needed.   spreading negative or false informa-  ing church, until you seek them out and
          These days it’s a different story.  tion, or some other accusation that is   beg them to return.
            Society today, and even most church-  then followed up by a crowd of ignorant   Another child’s game is patty cake. It
          es, focus on creating an atmosphere   people who blog in agreement. Many   talks about baking a cake, but nobody is
          where people are afraid to say anything   of these people never attend church,   baking a cake. It’s all talk and no action.
          that might offend somebody. Yet, even   but they have appointed themselves   Pattycakers talk the talk, but don’t walk
          in that kind of cultural environment,   armchair watchdogs, ready to fight over   the walk.
          nearly everything offends somebody   and chew on the latest internet bone   Young children are also known for
          or hurts somebody’s feelings. During a   thrown their direction.   spitting up anything they don’t want
          60-minute sermon, if a minister makes   Perry and I have been startled at the   to chew. What the minister is preach-
          one controversial statement that lasts   number of people who label themselves   ing may be what they need, but it is not
          60 seconds, the person who disagrees   mature Christians, but behind their   what they want. Thus, immature believ-
          with the comment will never remember   masks are spiritual crybabies. Unless   ers will pick and choose their food; and
          the 59 minutes of truth. Instead, the   you continually keep them happy, give   if you don’t give them what they want,
          focus will obsessively remain on the 60   them whatever they want, and con-  they will whine, kick, and complain.

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