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“Perry and I have been
              startled at the number
              of people who label

              themselves mature
              Christians, but behind
              their masks are
              spiritual crybabies.”

               There are also Christian bullies.
              I have seen and experienced things
              the past few years that are almost
              beyond belief. At times individuals
              will harass and bully someone, just
              like a schoolyard bully who pushes
              around other people, hoping to make
              themselves appear as a big shot, or           Discover the anointing God gives you to successfully battle
              someone with authority who should                   against repetitive spiritual attacks in your life.
              be feared. You can spot a bully when
              they make threats, because they parrot                            CD240    $7
              the words of Lucifer: “I will do this,                 ORDER ONLINE AT PERRYSTONE.ORG
              and I will do that.” If their plotted evil                   OR CALL (423) 478.3456
              strategy fails to work or appears to
              be ineffective, they will suddenly find
              another way to throw fuel on a small
              fire, hoping to burn something down.
               Jesus taught us to be childlike,
              with simple, pure faith. But He never
              instructed us to act childish. The Bible
              talks about the milk and the meat. Milk
              is for the babes in Christ, and meat is
              for the mature. If we are planning on
              going up, then we should be growing up.
              Games of domination, intimidation, and
              manipulation are spiritual witchcraft.
              When pastors are continually putting
              out fires throughout the church, settling
              conflicts with members, and being
              stuck in a cycle of counseling the same
              people for the same problems, we need
              soul searching and a heart transforma-
              tion. We don’t have time for foolish, of-
              fense-inspired distractions. It’s time for
              Christians to learn their lessons, grow
              up, and move forward. Be childlike in
              simple faith, but avoid childish and im-
              mature Christianity. Let’s make up our
              minds to get over it and move on.          Your biggest problem in life will be dealing with temptation. In this
                                                        teaching, discover how Satan taps into God’s wiring system, located in
              Love and Prayers | Pam Stone                     your brain, to find your weaknesses and exploit them.
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