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A New Update on the Holy Land

          Relic Museum Display

          P E R R Y  S TO N E

                       ARE PLEASED to      We hired a gifted architect to create   with the VOE board of trustees and
                       announce that we    a basic design. However, with the   discussing the idea with Dr. Bryan
                       have decided upon   nonstop rise in building costs, supply   Cutshall, Chancellor of the International
                       an existing location   chain problems, product shortages, the   School of the Word, all have agreed that
                       in which to display   increasingly high cost of construction,   this was the best and most cost-effective
          ancient biblical relics and present   and the building delays caused by all   option.
          interesting biblical history. On display   these problems, we considered that   The new plan is as follows. The T.L.
          will be hundreds of authentic relics,   perhaps we should pray about another   Lowery Global Foundation building
          dating back 1,500 to 3,500 years. There   option. Being 63 years of age and   presently houses the offices for ISOW,
          will be spears, daggers, tools, bronze   having built or purchased ministry   our Internet Bible school. It is the
          vessels, glassware dating back to the   facilities for over two decades, I was   meeting place for Thursday night
          first century AD, unusual ceramics, clay   concerned that the building process   prayer, and the large hall is used
          pottery (some dating back to the time of   would take far too long and be too   several times a year for studio teaching
          Abraham), and ancient oil lamps from   expensive, thus placing unnecessary   sessions.
          every era of biblical and early Christian   pressure on people involved and on   The lobby and the large hall of the T.
          history. The list seems endless.   ministry income.                L. Lowery building will be remodeled to
            The original plan was to build a large   We believe that God, in His wisdom,   become the Holy Land Bible Museum.
          museum on the Omega Center property.   provided a solution. After meeting   The side offices at the Lowery facility

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