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will continue to house the offices for
              ISOW. Our Thursday night prayer
              service will return to the small hall at
              Omega Center International, the place
              where prayer previously was hosted
              for several years. Dr. Cutshall will
              conduct the ISOW studio tapings and
              live teachings in the front of the large
              hall at Omega Center International. The
              small hall will continue to be used for
              the Tuesday night children’s ministry,
              and the large hall will still be used to
              host the Tuesday night services and all
              future conferences.

              The following points explain the
              wisdom of this decision:

              •  The Lowery - ISOW facility is paid for.
               Refurbishing costs will be much lower
               than the cost of a new building.
              •  The facility already has a large, paved
               parking area and is located off a main
              •  The ISOW hall has no windows and a                               These historic antiquities have been
               security system.
                                                                                cleared by Israel and will be placed
              •  The location provides easy access,                             on display. It will take many months
               visibility, and local security 24 hours                          to catalogue each item, develop video
               a day.                                                           teachings, and research information
                                                                                for the public to step back in time and
              •  The facility already has a beautiful                           experience biblical history.
               lobby and screens that can show                                    Some people may see no need for a
               videos and pictures.
                                                                                biblical antiquities museum that helps
              •  The main ISOW hall has screens for                             prove the Bible. I remember eleven
               Israel pictures and video teaching.                              years ago when a few people told me
                                                                                that it was a waste of time and money
              •  The lobby has a large side office that                         to build the OCI building. I asked them,
               can become a gift shop.
                                                                                “How much have you prayed about it?”
              •  There are restrooms available for   THE HOLY LAND              The answer was, “Well, not at all.”
               visitors touring the exhibit.                                      The entire process, from being
                                                  RELIC MUSEUM                  given the opportunity to acquire the
               Much of what we were planning to                                 antiquities, the approval by Israeli
              build is already constructed and paid   – BRINGING                authorities, and even customs and
              for in the Lowery building. We will                               shipping, has been a smooth transition.
              have to refurbish to accommodate the   ANCIENT ISRAEL             Our hope is to authenticate, through
              museum, but we estimate the ministry                              sight and sound, the inspiration of the
              will save $3.5 million dollars with this   TO MODERN              Bible, by displaying some of the very
              decision. We believe this is being a good   AMERICA!              objects that the narratives of scripture
              steward of God’s provisions.                                      speak to us about.

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