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                                                     MATTHEW 13, in Christ’s parable of the net and the fish, the net is
                                                     called a dragnet. Fishermen use it, not only to catch the fish, but to
                                                     drag the fish to shore. The Lord spoke a word to me that His dragnet
                                                     is coming.
                                                       When you continue to read the parable, once the dragnet was full
                                                     of fish, the fishermen sat down and separated the good fish from the
                                       bad, or the kosher fish from the non-kosher. In the Torah, fish with scales were kosher
                                       and permissible to eat. However, the others were not kept or eaten.
                                         The fish in the net must be separated at some point. Many years ago, as the Voice of
                                       Evangelism grew from two full-time employees to over twenty, the Lord spoke to me
                                       and said, “Some will be with you a brief time. Others will work longer but eventually
                                       move on to something else. A few will be with you for the long term.”
                                         Many of our present VOE staff have been full time with Pam and me for fifteen to
                                       twenty years. One man has been working with us for thirty-four years. Some took
                                       other jobs but returned to the ministry. Since the early 1980s, there have been employ-
                                       ees who took jobs elsewhere, some whose positions were no long necessary, and a few
                                       who were replaced. In life, business, and ministry, sometimes a separation is neces-
                                       sary for the betterment of both parties, and for the fulfillment of plans that require
                                       different skill sets or mindsets.

                                                                            VOICE OF EVANGELISM  |  JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER  2022  9
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