Mezuzah-Crown & Priestly Scroll

The mezuzah is a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith. We are pleased to make this mezuzah available for a limited time at a special price!

Meal that Heals Communion Kit

This communion kit comes in a black leather pouch with scripture verses and includes 2 stainless steel cups in a holder, a juice vial, funnel and stainless steel Communion bread container.

Kings Oil

This holy anointing oil was made exclusively by My Olive Tree with oil that was harvested from Perry Stone’s olive tree grove in Israel. It is made in accordance with Exodus 30.


The Passover season is commemorated each year by devout Jews, recalling their exodus from Egypt.  To Christians it is the reminder of the great day of redemption. . .

Spikenard Hand Lotion

Today Spikenard is known as healing oil. This Balm of Gilead is a moisturizing and skin healing cream. The delicate scent of Spikenard is fresh, calming and promotes sleep much like Lavender.

Tallit Lion of Judah Prayer Shawl

This prayer shawl (Tallit) measures 71 inches by 19 inches.and features the unique Lion of Judah design. The blessing on this tallit is part of the Aaronic blessing from the book of Numbers.

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