“Aunt” Bea Ogle


Daughters of Rachel Founder Bea Ogle

Our beloved friend and founder of Daughters of Rachel, “Aunt” Bea, passed away on March 6, 2024, to join the Lord. The true extent of her influence within Voice of Evangelism Ministries will become fully evident to us once we reach Heaven.

“Being a Daughter of Rachel has been such a blessing in my life. It has been an assignment from God for me to be a member of this prayer network, committed to pray for Perry’s ministry. In October of 1981, I felt the Lord direct me to be an intercessor for the Voice of Evangelism ministry. Signet Bank, where I was employed for thirty-eight years, gave me the opportunity for early retirement. Then I was free to devote much of my time to prayer as the Lord had directed. In 1992, the Daughters of Rachel became a reality when sixty-two ladies committed themselves to pray for VOE. We now have thousands of dedicated ladies who intercede in prayer for this growing ministry.” – Bea Ogle

Who are the Daughters of Rachel?

by Perry Stone, Jr.

May I share our prayer team with you? Do you have needs they can pray about?

Welcome friends from around the world. I’m thrilled for your interest in the “Daughters of Rachel” Intercessory Prayer branch of our ministry. We believe in the power of prayer! Jesus said, “If two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.” The words “gathered together,” literally mean “led together.” Jesus also said, “If two or three can agree as touching anything, they shall ask and it shall be done.” In this Scripture passage, the word “agree” is from the Greek word “sunphoneo” meaning to “say the same thing.”

From this we derive the English word for symphony. Together, we must be led in the same direction of prayer and literally sound the same thing for the prayer to be heard and answered.

At the Voice of Evangelism, we have a prayer ministry team called the “Daughters of Rachel.” Over 1200 women intercessors are a part of this prayer network. I’m so blessed to have this team praying for me and all aspects of this ministry. I call them “Entercessors” because they enter the presence of God in prayer. We are concerned for you and the struggles you may be going through right now. By faith I’m reaching out to be an encouragement. Do you have needs you’d like them to pray about with you? If so, please take the time to submit a prayer request using the form below, and our team of intecessors will be praying for you.

A Servant of the Lord,

Perry Stone, Jr.

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • The Voice of Evangelism Ministries, Perry & his family and VOE staff
  • God’s will for the ministry and protection for the Stone family
  • Our churches and pastors
  • Daughters of Rachel members and their families
  • National, state, and local government leaders
  • The peace of Israel and Jerusalem
  • Salvation for lost souls

Prayer Request

If you or a loved one has a special need and would like to be put on the ministry prayer list, please fill out the following form and your need will be presented at the Global Prayer Center prayer meeting on Thursday nights.

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