2024 Warrior-Fest

The 2024 Warrior Fest was one of the most powerful events to date! Over 3,500 young people filled the OCI building and encountered a life-altering experience. Anointed messages were shared and the power of the Holy Spirit swept through the auditorium. These powerful messages are available now to build your faith and prepare you for victory.

2024 Warrior-Fest Conference DVDs


2024 Warrior-Fest


2024 Warrior-Fest Conference CDs


2024 Warrior-Fest USB Drive


2024 Warrior-Fest Download


DVD Set: Includes 5 separate Video DVDs.

Video-On-Demand: Video over internet viewing for instant access.

CD Set: Includes 5 separate Audio CDs.

USB Drive: Includes 5 Audio MP3 files on a USB Drive for access through your PC or audio device equipped with a USB port.

Digital Download: 5 Audio MP3 files that are downloaded to your PC or mobile device for immediate access.




“2024 Warrior-Fest Conference”  is now offered on DVD, Video-On-Demand, CD, USB, and Digital Download! We want you to capture the same powerful revelation and soul-shaking anointing that penetrated the hearts of those in attendance at this event! Lives, churches, and communities are forever changed as a result of what took place during these services. These sets include each of the messages from the conference.

Titles of the messages include:

Friday Night  –               Defeating the Demon by Courteney Bence

Saturday Morning –       The Lord is with You! by Tony Suarez

Saturday Afternoon –    The Generation of Jacob by Amanda Stone

Jesus Will Make You Normal by Nik Walker

Saturday Night –            Proof Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven by Perry Stone

Sunday Morning –         Why this Generation is Fighting for Its Spiritual Survival by Perry Stone

These power-packed services will stir your spirit and awaken your soul as you witness the powerful moving of the Spirit and hear the anointed word shared in each service.

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