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Current Manna-Fest Offer

2019 International Campmeeting CD & DVD Album

The 2019 International Campmeeting is now available on CD and DVD. All 8 messages By Perry Stone, Tommy Bates, Ron Carpenter, and John Kilpatrick are included in this single album.




Previous Manna-Fest Offers


New Testament Study Bible

Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testiment Study Bible

After waiting 10 years,the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible (Standard Edition) is now available!  The commentary alone is 500,000 words and each verse or a section of verses are explained using history, Hebrew, Aramaic word studies, and Perry’s personal notes.

New Testament Study Bible

2019 Prophetic Summit

 What a powerful 2019 Prophetic Summit –  Learn the latest word of the Lord for the church, for America, for Israel and for you as an individual and be blessed for this opportunity to revisit this event or to hear what you missed! All 12 unedited messages by Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, Jonathan Cahn, Joel Richardson and Mark Bilz are now available on CD and DVD!




New Testament Study Bible

Unlock the Mystery of the Seven Feast of Israel

In this Manna-Fest offer you receive a total of 11 DVDs which are included in a compact album.   Delve into the mystery of the 7 Feasts of Israel as Perry and Bill Cloud share powerful illustrated messages to reveal Biblical truth in the significance of Israel ‘s Feasts. You will enjoy learning and relating to the 7 Feasts of Israel and gain an understanding of each of them.  

New Testament Study Bible

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In this Manna-Fest offer you receive a 14 audio CD album which contains 12 hours of teaching on the 9 gifts of the Spirit. Perry Stone recorded this live from the International School of the Word (ISOW).

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