September of 2000, we began to broadcast a new television program called Manna-Fest. We believe the time and season for this ministry has come, and we continue to expand our weekly television outreach into more and more cities. The potential audience has increased by several million households already. It’s wonderful to see God expand our ministry as we bring the Word from the church house into your house! While Christian programming should never replace the church – it is a wonderful tool to reach the lost and teach the believer.

The focus of this ministry is fourfold:

  • To win the lost to Jesus Christ in America & overseas.
  • To teach the Body of Christ our Hebraic roots.
  • To expose people to the anointing of the Holy Spirit through evangelism and worship crusades.
  • To use modern technology to teach and preach the Word of God.

For more information, contact us at (423) 478-3456.

New Testament Study Bible

New Testament Study Bible

The Perry Stone’s New Testament Study Bible is taken from the King James translation and includes over 300,000 words of Perry Stone’s personal commentary.

Now, after seven years of compiling a Bible Commentary, highlighting biblical nuggets, in-depth research information, ancient history and Greek word studies, the Perry Stone New Testament is printed and available to everyone.

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Current Manna-Fest Offer

New Testament Study Bible

Federal End of Time Warnings Package

This Manna-Fest Offer contains 5 individual messages that encompass 3 teachings on end-time spiritual warfare that every believer should prepare for.

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New Testament Study Bible

2023 Prophetic Summit

Perry hosted Jonathan Cahn, Jimmy Evans, Bill Cloud, Lance Wallnau, and Mark Biltz for a message-packed four-day event with a maximum capacity crowd at the Omega Center International.

Journey into Eternity Package

This Manna-Fest offer includes Perry's book, Your Journey into Eternity accompanied with his 2CD album, “The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony.”

The Treasure Book

AMERICA’S FIRST CHRISTIAN-BASED TREASURE HUNT – Perry's “The Treasure” book is a fictitious story written of Amanda journeying through four states in the chain of the Appalachian Mountains, to find a key hidden by her father.

New Testament Study Bible

Offer PR-138 Prophecy Update

This special Manna-Fest offer includes the following two teachings:  "Will Jesus Return By 2023?" and "The Soon Closing Out of the Church Age".  Each Teaching includes 2 lessons for a total of 4 different messages in this one Manna-Fest offer. Order yours today!



Christian Television Network

Sundays 3:30 PM EST & 7:00 PM EST – Fridays 11:30 PM EST

Dish Network Channel 262 – Direct TV 376


Mondays 7:00 PM EST – Saturdays 11:00 PM EST

Dish Network Channel 263 SD – Dish Network Channel 8415 HD – Direct TV Channel 369

International feed outside North and South America plays 4 hours later than the live feed

Family Entertainment Television

Sundays at 8 AM EST

Direct TV Channel 323
Dish Network 82
Att U-verse 578

Family Movie Classics


Sundays at 9AM EST

Dish Network 387


Tuesday 6:00 PM EST

Direct TV Channel 365 – Sky Satellite Channel 580

KGEB Golden Eagle Broadcasting – Tulsa Oklahoma

Sunday 8:30 PM Central
Friday 9:00 AM Central

Legacy TV

Sundays 2:30PM EST

Victory Television Network – Arkansas

Mondays 6:00 PM Central – Tuesdays 7:30 PM Central
Fridays 7:30 PM Central – Saturdays 5:00 PM Central

Arkansas KVTN Channel 25 – KVTH Channel 26 – KVTJ Channel 48

The Word Network

Wednesdays 9:00PM Eastern
Sundays and Thursdays 8:30PM Eastern


WGN America – News Nation – Chicago


Sundays 8:30 AM EST

WHMB TV 40 Indianapolis Indiana

Sundays at 8:30AM & 9:00PM EST
WHMB is the oldest, continuously operated Christian/Family Television Station in the US.
WHMB is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary in broadcasting!

WHME TV 46 South Bend – Elkhart Indiana

Sundays 7:30AM & 9:00PM EST

Home to LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry feeding more than 430,000 children every day in close to 50 countries around the world.  Perry Stone Ministries is in partnership with WHT to provide food, shelter, and education to some of the world's most vulnerable children.
Your partnership with us carries over into this outreach.

World Harvest Network – Partnering Network

Sundays at 8:30AM & 8:30PM EST
Direct TV Channel 367

WMBC-TV New York – New Jersey

Wednesday 7:30 AM EST

WMBC-TV New York 63.1
UHF Digital Channel 18
DirecTV 8/9S Newton NJ

Complete Station List

State, City Station Air Time(s)
AK,Anchorage KAUU Sun 8:30am AST
AK,Anchorage KYES Sun 9:00am AST
AL,Birmingham WTTO TV 21 Sun 7:00am CST
AL,Russellville WMTY TV 45 Tue 6:00pm CST
AL,Hamilton WMTY TV 45 Tue 8:30pm CST
AL,Talladega WOIL TV 47 Sun 12:30pm CST
Sun 10:00pm CST
Tue 8:00pm CST
AL,Jasper WACN TV 55-
W55BJ TV 16
Wed 7:30am CST
Tue 8:30pm CST
AR, Little Rock KVTN Mon 6:00pm CST
Tues 7:30pm CST
Fri 7:30pm CST
Sat 5:00pm CST
CA,Los Angeles KXLA-TV 44 Sun 9:30am PST
CA,San Francisco KPYX TV 44 Sun 9:30am PST
CO,Denver KCDO TV 13 Sun 8:30am PST
CO,Colorado Springs KWHD TV 53
Sun 7:30pm MST
FL,Jacksonville WCWJ TV 17 Sun 8:00am EST
FL,Ocala Destiny TV Mon-Sat 8:00am EST
Mon-Sat 8:30pm EST
FL, Inglis Yankeetown WYKE TV 16 Sun 7:00pm EST
Wed 3:00pm EST
FL,Tampa The Walk Sun 2:30pm EST
FL,Tampa Bay DirecTV/Dish Sun 7pm EST
FL,Tampa Bay WCLF TV 22 Tues 9:00pm EST
Wed 2:00pm EST
FL,Pensacola WHBR TV 33 Sun 2:30pm EST
Mon 10:30am EST
Thu 9:00pm EST
FL,Tallahassee WVUP TV 45 Mon 8:30pm EST
FL,Ft. Myers WRXY TV 49 Sun 7:00pm EST
FL,Orlando WACX TV 55 Tues 8:30pm EST
FL,W Palm Beach WFGC TV 61 Mon 10:30am EST
Mon 10:30pm EST
Thu 8:30pm EST
FL,Santa Rosa Beach Coastal Connection Tue 6 pm CST
GA,Columbus WYBU TV 16 Mon 8:30pm EST
Wed 8:30pm EST
Sat 2:30pm EST
GA,Atlanta WATC TV 57 Mon 10:30am EST
GA,Atlanta WATL TV 36 Sun 7am EST
GA,Macon WGNM TV 64 Sun 7:00pm EST
Thu 8:00am EST
Sat 2:00pm EST
HI,Honolulu KWHE TV 14 Sun 10:00am HST
Sun 9:30pm HST
IA,Cedar Rapids KFXB TV 40 Sun 9:00am CST
Sun 6:00pm CST
Mon 9:30pm CST
IL,Marion WTCT Sun 6:30pm CST
Mon 9:00pm CST
IL,Chicago WCIU TV 26 Sun 7:30 CST
IL,Decatur WLCF TV 45D Sun 6:00pm CST
Wed 2:00pm CST
IL,Quincy WTJR Sun 9:00am CST
Sat 1:00pm CST
IN,South Bend WHT Mon 8:30am EST
IN,South Bend FETV Sun 6:00am EST
Sun 8:00am EST
IN,South Bend WHME TV 46 Sun 7:30am EST
Sun 9:00pm EST



Sun 8:30am EST
Sun 9:00pm EST
KY,Louisville WBNA TV 21 Sun 9:00am EST
Wed 8:30am EST
LA,New Orleans WHNO TV 20 Sun 7:30pm CST
Wed 2:00pm CST
LA,Baton Rouge WLFT TV 30 Sun 8:00am CST
Mon 6:30pm CST
LA,Baton Rouge WBRL TV 21 Sun 8:30am CST
LA,West Monroe KMCT TV 39 Mon 9:30pm CST
Wed 9:30pm CST
MA,Boston WBIN TV 18 Sun 7:30am EST
MA,Boston WLVI TV 56 Sun 7:30am EST
MI,Grand Rapids WLLA/WGGN Tue 7pm EST
MO,Jefferson City KNLJ TV 25 Sun 6:00pm CST
Mon 9:00pm CST
Wed 2:00pm CST
MO,Quincy KHQA TV 7 Sun 7:30am CST
MO,Springfield KOZL TV 27 Sun 8:00am CST
MO,St Louis KPLR TV 11 Sun 8:00am CST
MS,Booneville Unity
Sat 4:30pm CST
MS,Fulton Unity
Sat 4:30pm CST
MS,Pontotoc E & C Media Group Sat 4:30pm CST
MS,Columbus-Tupelo WEPH TV 49 Sun 9:30pm CST
Wed 2:00pm CST
Sat 9:30pm CST
NC,Lumberton WPEM TV 47 Mon-Fri 6:00pm EST
NC,Charlotte WCCB TV 18 Sun 7:30am EST
NJ,West Caldwell WMBC TV Wed 7:30am EST
NM,Albuquerque KAZQ TV 32 Tues 7:00pm MST
Fri 11:00am MST
NM,Santé Fe KCHF TV 11 Sun 11:00am MST
Mon 1:30pm MST
Thu 1:30pm MST
Sat 9:00pm MST
NM,Alamogordo KVBA TV 19 Mon 8:30pm MST
Thu 8:30pm MST
NV,Las Vegas KEEN 17 Sun 4:00pm PST
Sun 5:30pm PST
Wed 12:00pm PST
NY,Brooklyn WRNN TV
Sun 6:00am EST
NY,New York City WLNY/WCBS Sun 6:00am EST
NY,New Hartford WVVC TV 40 Sun 2:30pm EST
Sun 8:00pm EST
Tue 6:00am EST
Thu 4:00am EST
OH,Pomeroy WJOS TV 58 Thu 9:00pm EST
OH,Toledo WLMB TV 40 Sun 7:00am EST
Thu 8:30pm EST
OH,Lima WTLW TV 44 Sun 12:00pm EST
Mon 10:00pm EST
OK,Oklahoma City KOBC TV 34 Sun 7:00am CST
OK,Tulsa KGEB Sun 6:00am CST
Tue 9:00am CST
Tue 8:30pm CST
Fri 11:30am CST
OK,Tulsa GEB Sun 6:00am CST
Tue 9:00am CST
Tue 8:30pm CST
Fri 11:30am CST
OK,Tulsa KWHB TV 47 Sun 7:30am CST
Sun 8:30pm CST
Tue 5:00pm CST
Fri 1:30pm CST
PA,Harrisburg WPMT TV 43 Sun 7:30am EST
PA,Philadelphia WPSG TV 57 Sun 7:00am EST
PA,Wilmerding Cornerstone TV Sun 8:30pm EST
PA,Red Lion WGCB TV 49 Sun 6:30am EST
Thu 11:30pm EST
PA,Philadelphia WPSG TV 57 Sun 7:00am EST
PA,Philadelphia WTVE TV 51 Sun 7:00am EST
PA,Chambersburg WJAL TV 68 Sun 7:30pm EST
Tue 11:30am EST
SC,Greenville WGGS TV 16 Tue 11:30am EST
Thu 9:30pm EST
SC,Charleston WLCN TV 18 Sun 7:00pm EST
Wed 3:00pm EST
SC,Augusta WBPI TV 49 Sun 5:00am EST
Mon 7:30pm EST
Wed 3:00am EST
Sat 8:30pm EST
TN,Adamsville Freedom River Media Ministries Sat 6:00pm EST
TN,Chattanooga ETVC TV 9.2 Sun 8:00am
TN,Chattanooga WTNB TV 27 Sun 4:00pm EST
Mon 8:30pm EST
Thu 9:00pm EST
TN,Chattanooga WTVC TV 9.2 Sun 8:00am EST
TN,Nashville WHTN TV 39 Mon 9:30pm CST
Sat 6:30pm CST
TN,Nashville WZTV TV 17 Sun 7:00am CST
TN,Knoxville WKNX TV 7 Sunday 9:00pm EST
TN,Knoxville WVLR TV 48 Sun 4:00am EST
Mon 8:30pm EST
Fri 10:30pm EST
TN,Knoxville WVLT-DT2 Sun 8:30am EST
TX,Dallas KDAF TV 33 Sun 7:30am CST
TX,El Paso KSCE TV 38 Sun 6:00pm CST
Wed 2:00am CST
TX,Dallas KTXD TV 47 Sun 8:30pm CST
TX, Houston KHLM 12 Sun 7:30pm CST
Mon 2:00pm CST
Wed 2:00pm CST
TX, Houston KTBU TV 55 Sun 9:00am CST
UT,Salt Lake City KUCW TV 30 Sun 7:30am MST
UT,Salt Lake City KTMW TV 20 Sun 9:00pm MST
Mon 7:30pm MST
Sat 9:00pm MST
VA,Woodstock WAZT TV 10 Sun 10:00am EST
Sat 9:00pm EST
VA,Abingdon WLFG TV 68 Mon 10:00pm EST
VA,Roanoke WWCW TV 21 Sun 8:00am EST
Washington DC WDCA TV 20 Sun 7:00am EST
WA,Seattle KSTW TV 11 Sun 9:00am PST
WA,Seattle KFFV/KVOS Sun 9:30am PST
WV,Bluefield-Beckley WVNS TV 59.1 Sun 7:00am EST
WY,Cheyenne & Casper KFNB 20/KLWY 27 Sun 7:00am MST
WY,Cheyenne CO,Denver KQDK/KQCK/KWHS Sun 7:00pm MST
Sun 7:30pm MST
Wed 9:00pm MST
CW Plus Sun 10:30am EST
Sun 9:30am CST/MST
Sun 10:30am PST
Daystar Mon 7:00pm EST
Sat 11:00pm EST
DirectTV/DISH/Glorystar/Apstar-7 376/262/117 Sun 7:00pm EST
Wed 3:00pm EST
GOD TV Tue 6:00pm EST
Tue 5:00pm CST
Tue 4:00pm MST
Tue 3:00pm PST
Folk TV Sun 7:30am EST
Mon 7:30am EST
Wed 7:30am EST
Fri 7:30am EST
Sat 10:00am EST
PUERTO RICO WSJP TV 18.2 Sun 10:00am AST
Wed 9:00pm EST
Thu 8:30pm EST



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