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New Testament Study Bible

Unsealing the Daniel Cipher

Perry has spent thousands of hours reviewing the content and context of the numerous dreams and visions recorded by this great Hebrew prophet, including Aramaic and Hebrew word studies and the history behind the Daniel Cipher. You will have a clear and concise understanding of the future as Perry takes key parts of the end-time visions and puts the pieces together in this 2-DVD set containing four hours of teaching. Two years in the making, Unsealing the Daniel Cipher is now ready for your viewing!

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Ephesians - The Warrior's Strategy

The Warrior's Strategy! Taught live on stage at OCI, Perry used a Roman Town set and Roman replica armor to delve deep into the book of Ephesians, emphasizing the “Armor of God” for the believer. This teaching includes a total of 7 DVDs.

Artificial Intelligence Versus God

According to many informed experts, scientific advancements in Artificial Intelligence have the potential to eventually initiate the gradual overthrow of humanity as we know it.  Are you prepared for the coming changes?

New Testament Study Bible

2023 Main Event

This gathering of believers was hosted by Perry Stone and joined by Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick. There were many spontaneous outbreaks of the Spirit throughout the conference that brought healing, hope, and a fresh renewal to all who attended. 


New Testament Study Bible

Federal End Time Warnings Package

This offer contains five audio messages to enlighten the nearness of the return of Christ as foretold in the Bible. Perry shares that many of the great parables of Jesus are stories that encode prophetic mysteries and future events related to the return of Christ. 


Special Message

Every week, Perry shares a “Special Message” on YouTube to keep viewers informed about the latest news and developments in Bible prophecy. Check them out today!

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