Feast of Pentecost

If our ministry has blessed you in the past, consider giving this offering to help us with our outreaches as we continue to spread the Word of God


We are approaching the Festival of Pentecost on the Hebrew calendar. It is one of three annual festivals in which God required all males over twenty to appear at the Temple in Jerusalem for a joyous celebration. The actual Biblical name is the “Feast of weeks” and in ancient times the priest and people were to count seven weeks (49 days) and on the fiftieth day the festival was celebrated. Pentecost is a Greek word that refers to fifty and marks the fiftieth day from the Sabbath after Passover.

This festival was the assigned time when the Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts 2:1-4. This festival is also considered the official “birthday” of the church. It was on Pentecost that one hundred twenty believers were filled with the Spirit and three thousand souls were converted and baptized in the Holy Spirit!

As most of you know, the VOE receives special offerings in line with the three main festivals, as a memorial offering and a thanksgiving offering for God's blessing and favor in our lives and ministry. I invite you to participate in this year’s Pentecost offering starting now up to June 9th , the day on our calendar when Pentecost will “fully come!” These offerings are used for the seven-point ministry outreaches.  (Manna-Fest TV, Magazine, Books, Prophetic DVDs, Teaching CDs, Samaritan Fund, and Missions) This thanksgiving offering is important, when you consider where you would be today had God not sent His Word and his messengers to bring the message of the gospel. Thank you for your consideration and let's celebrate the outpouring of the Spirit together!

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