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Voice of Evangelism Magazine

The Publication for Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries.

Featured Article

The Authority Factor – The Secret is in the Yoke

This is a most interesting message. Learn about the true carpentry of Jesus. Learn and see the “Breath of the Holies” in the Tabernacle as Perry explains the revelation of it. You will be enlightened by several scriptural nuggets and truly enjoy the revelation and word revealed in this message.

When God Lays Favor On You

God plans generational – to you, your children, and children's children. and God blesses progressively from small beginnings to larger blessings. He blesses in 3s – from the outer court to the inner court, and into the holy of holies. We go from slaves to sons to soldiers and learn to fight a good warfare. This is the favor of God.

Don’t Awaken Love

In this message, Perry explains the chemicals released during romantic relationships and why broken relationships can have the same effect as a person coming off certain drugs. He will also explain why some people battle depression and suicidal thoughts when breaking off a relationship.

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