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Voice of Evangelism Magazine

The Publication for Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries.

Featured Article

Antichrist, His Confederacy, and the Final Eighth Empire

Perry's latest prophetic book released in 2021 is available! Perry unmasks the radical's blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives and asks, “Has America arrived at her assignment as a Judeo-Christian-based Empire?”

America Prophetically Aligning with the 666 System

National COVID controls and lockdowns are just a preview of events that must occur to prepare the United States and the world for a financial system that will control all buying, selling, and freedom of movement. This 2-CD album explains how America and the world are both lining up with the 666 Beast System

The Jerusalem and America Prophecies

The first CD, “Jerusalem, God’s Measuring Rod,” proves that Jerusalem is the center of the earth. The second CD explains how the numerous “woes,” or national warnings against Jerusalem, are the same parallel warnings that America must heed, or experience crisis and danger in the near future.

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