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Featured Article

Antichrist, His Confederacy, and the Final Eighth Empire

This teaching from Perry Stone helps to unlock the final mystery! He has prepared this NEW 8-Lesson expanded and detailed teaching contained in 4-DVDs on the Antichrist, His Confederacy, and the World’s Final Eighth Empire – The Empire that will Seize the World in the Future!

The First-Born Battles

When a family has multiple children, why is there such a battle in the life of their first-born child, especially with a first-born male child? There is a strong biblical principle that the adversary fights related to the “law of the first-born.” This unusual teaching will be of great assistance to you and your family.

From Pentecost to Trumpets

This teaching will explain the “church age” (Pentecost) and how we are progressing toward the festival of Trumpets, the imagery of the Rapture of the Church. A great teaching for those who love the Hebraic link to prophecy. This message was preached in Hixon, Tennessee.

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