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Jesus had concluded His sermon from Simon Peter ‘s boat in Luke 4:3. As a reward for Peter ‘s willingness to give up his boat as a floating pulpit, Jesus said, Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a great catch (Luke 5:4). Peter took a net and went fishing. The catch was so large they beckoned to their partners which were in the other ships to come and help them (Luke 5:7). Even the other ships were overwhelmed by the catch!

For over 25 years, I have been casting the gospel net throughout North America and around the globe. Through the printed page, audio and video teachings, regional conferences and revivals, I have watched our ministry grow from a local church revival ministry to an international work impacting millions of souls each year.

The nets are full and I must beckon to my partners! There are three ships that must come to our aid in reaching the masses for Christ: They are friendship, relationship, and partnership. Personal ministry bonds us as friends and our time together in God ‘s presence builds an intimate relationship. Mutual trust leads to a partnership for world evangelism.

My vision to preach a relevant word from God must be supported by the prayers and support of our ministry partners. I have the dream, together we form the team, and the Holy Spirit gives us the steam (anointing) to accomplish the task!

The Partner Strike Force

Years ago, I was inspired to form a partner base for our ministry called The Partner Strike Force. This group of believers from various denominations has become the foundational partners of our ministry. Their loyal support has enabled us to continue our 7 Point Outreach Plan.

The Seven-Point Outreach Plan

The original Seven Point Outreach Plan was made public in 1978, When the Holy Spirit inspired Perry Stone to call his ministry The Voice of Evangelism. Through the years, we have updated the vision as God has opened doors to the nations.

Our Seven Point Outreach Plan consists of the following:

1. Manna Fest Television Program
The name Manna Fest was given to Perry in February of 1988, during an all-night prayer meeting in Zephyrhills, Florida. The Holy Spirit impressed him that Manna Fest would be the name of his television program. At that time, the ministry did not even own a video camera! Twelve years later, the weekly show Manna Fest with Perry Stone is being aired in over 500 cities and on satellite.

2. Voice of Evangelism Magazine
What began as a small, four page newsletter in the late 1970 ‘s has now become a full-color 20 to 24 page magazine published six times a year. Mailed to all 50 states and many foreign nations, the magazine contains a feature Sermon, Pam ‘s Corner, Prophetic Update, Inside the Ministry Update, and the newest ministry products.

3. Printing Books
Perry Stone has authored over 21 books, including such titles as Plucking the Eagle ‘s Wings, The Meal That Heals, and Dealing with Hindering Spirits. His books have been read and enjoyed by people across the USA and around the world.

4. Special Prophetic DVDs
Noted as a specialist on Biblical prophecy, Perry has produced a large selection of prophecy videos. These informative videos reveal explosive prophetic information from the Bible and on-location teaching in Israel. Perry has also completed two major home Bible studies on video, The Rapture Revelation and Unlocking the Book of Revelation.

5. CD Teaching Albums
Perry has produced hundreds of teaching albums that explore the prophetic and practical aspects of Biblical truth. Subjects dealing with spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, faith, prayer, fasting, and overcoming the enemy are just a few examples of the vast research and study material on these albums.

6. The Samaritan Fund
The ministry tithes 10% of the total on all non-designated donations that it receives. Each month, the ministry gives financial support to food centers, inner city ministries, children ‘s ministries, Native American Indian ministries, as well as assisting widows and orphans.

7. World Missions
In addition to personally conducting overseas revival crusades, the Voice of Evangelism Ministry supports missionaries and missions around the world. Our missionaries have personally won over 50,000 souls to Christ. Thanks to the support of our partners, churches have been built and buildings purchased for congregations around the world!

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