Ten plagues occur in Egypt, and the eleventh judgment transpires at the Red Sea. Exodus begins with Pharaoh’s desire to cast the male, Hebrew infants into the water, and at the end, Pharaoh meets his death in water. There were six hundred thousand men of war departing Egypt, not counting the women and children, which some rabbis estimate may have been up to three million individuals. The sea opens and all of Israel crosses the sea during the night (v. 21).

According to Dr. E. L. Terry, for all of Israel to cross the sea in a night, the opening in the sea would have to have been wide enough for five thousand people to cross side-by-side, nonstop! God calls this a “path” in the sea (see Ps. 77:19), which is a word for a passageway.

From Page 148 of the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible

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