These past prophetic teachings will show you the unfolding of Biblical prophecies and how they lead up to where we are today.


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6 CD Prophecy Bundle

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Three CD Albums – 18 Prophetic Teachings

In this special offer, you'll receive 3 of Perry's all-time most requested prophecy albums.  Receive all 18 messages for a limited time only.

6 Best Prophecy Messages

(6CD102) CD Set which includes:

  • Stealing the Torch from Lady Liberty
  • The Eyes and Mouth on the Little Horn of Prophecy
  • The Order of Future Events
  • How Can Christians Prepare for What is Coming to America? 
  • Lessons from the Unleavened Bread & the Great Departure
  • The Seven Years That You Are in Heaven

Prophecy Now

(6CD103) CD Set which includes:

  • Living on Earth When Your Heart is in Heaven
  • Can Believers Alter the Prophetic Future? 
  • Prophetic Insight into the Crescent Revolution 
  • The Mystery of the First Fruits of the Dead
  • What is the Battle of Armageddon? 
  • Bonus musical CD – The Music of Heaven

Breaking Prophetic Codes

(6CD108) CD Set which includes:

  • The Armageddon Code Hidden in the Story of Gideon
  •  The Tribulation Code Hidden in Purim
  •  The Exodus Code
  •  Unlocking the Maranatha Code
  •  End-Time Secrets Hidden in the Parables of Jesus
  •  Decoding the Israeli-American Cipher


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