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In 2019 we have enjoyed some of the most anointed conferences in ministry history. We concluded the DeLand, Florida meeting with a packed sanctuary in each service and a spiritually hungry congregation fed a right now word from the Lord.   I am making these 6 anointed message available on CD. The messages include:

Friday Night –  Satan ‘s Secret Strategy Against America

There are several changes that will and that are transpiring which will release the energy and technology of the beast. Satan has a set strategy against the United States and is using a younger poor-socialists generation in an attempt to destroy the foundation and heritage of America.   It is a well-oiled machine and is at work now. This is a hard-hitting exposé that the adversary would prefer you never hear.

Saturday Morning  Special Favor is Released Through Heaven ‘s Code of Honor

Up to ninety percent of the Body of Christ is now walking in the fullness of God ‘s favor. It is now honorable to be dishonorable, and Christians who omit honor from their walk will fall short of God ‘s complete blessing pack. Discover the secret favor released when properly honoring your parents, your minister, your church, and how to treat those with bad attitudes and those who become your enemies.   A very heavy message that people confessed changed their thinking and attitude.

Saturday Night –  The Tragedy of Losing Your Eternal Reward

There are two verses in the New Testament that should strike godly fear in the hearts of Christians. There is also the fact that God honors faithfulness with eternal rewards, and Jesus warned that others could, take your crown. What is the importance of heavenly rewards and how can a person lose their reward at the Bema Judgment?   This was the most requested message of the conference and stirred the heart of everyone to their core.   You will be judged one day, and this message will help you know the details before you get there.

Sunday Morning  Guarding Your Heart from the Fiery Dart

The two main resource weapons in the arsenal of Satan are the snare and the fiery dart. One is a hidden trap and the other is visible.   One is seasonal and the other is continual. Using the three snare verses to expose the snare, and the three types of roman arrows used in warfare, this message is a great help to knowing the purpose of a burning dart and the methods employed to quench it.

Sunday Morning Msg 2  Forging an Anti-Temptation Armor

In life, we will experience temptation, strongholds, and infirmities. The Lord has given us the spiritual resources to bring strength, patience, and relief in the times when these three or a combination of these three invade our lives. There is a reason condemnation and shame are great resisters used by the enemy to stop us spiritually.   This message will help you forge spiritual weapons to battle the carnal weapons of the adversary.

Sunday Night The Prophetic Manifesto of the Last Generation

Based on three €˜restoration ‘ predictions, this message takes you to the seven activities in the first-century church that changed because of traditions and the religious system, leading us to the dark ages. The end-time manifesto of €˜restitution of all things ‘ reveals how God will restore gifts, spiritual authority, and the priesthood of the believer to the church.   Filled with faith-building stories and hope for the last days!

These six messages will arrive in an album and are available now for $40.00 per album. We do not make every conference available but felt these messages were too important not to share.

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