2019 Griffin GA Conference CD Album


2019 Griffin Georgia Conference CD Album


In 2019 we have enjoyed some of the most anointed conferences in ministry history. We just concluded the Griffin Georgia meeting with the latest messages released for 2019. These messages can radically transform the mind and heart through the Holy Spirit and you will want to hear them!   I am making these 6 anointed message available on CD. The messages include:

Friday Night –  When God Retaliates Against Those Attacking the Righteous

In this historical exposé, you will see how God sets up His retaliation and wrath against leaders and nations who mistreat His people! In an age when Christianity is being assaulted on every front, believers need hope that God will avenge them in the face of their enemies. Several youth told us this was the most interesting message they have ever heard!

Saturday Morning  Walking in the Mizpah Covenant

With numerous dangers and threats that can impact our families and children, we must tap into what I call, “The Mizpah Covenant,“ which is God’s protective covenant between two people. The message expounds upon Biblical protective promises and how to practically exercise this covenant through your prayer life. Discover the process needed each day for God to “shamar” your family.

Saturday Night – Who Will be Left Behind at the Return?

This was a spin-off of my message from the Prophetic Summit. On this message, I will answer three questions: Will carnal Christians go in the rapture? What will happen to the fetus in a Christian when the rapture occurs?  The third question is, what happens to the domestic pets of Christians at the rapture?

Sunday MorningThe Danger of Aborting Your Breakthrough

After hearing a direct warning from the Holy Spirit, the greatest prayer lesson I ever learned is summed up in three Scriptures. I heard these words, “Do not abort your breakthrough.” This message will show you why numerous prayers are not answered along with the laws of answered prayer. This word is a spiritual “game changer” as it relates to roadblocks to answered prayer.

Sunday Morning Msg 2 – Healing Generational Wounds

Much has been taught about “Generational Curses,” however, the real issue with 90% of individuals are, “Generational Wounds!” David’s sons were emotionally wounded, and their reaction was rebellion. The root of rebellion (in Hebrews) is bitterness. This message explores the causes of generational wounds and how to be healed from past hurts.

Sunday Night The Glossolalia Generation

This is a heavily anointed and informative message taught as the Holy Spirit “downloaded” the insight, leading to 50 individuals receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit! You will discover God’s end-time manifestation plan, which also exposes the arguments churches use to reject “speaking with other tongues.”

These six messages will arrive in an album and are available now for $40.00 per album.

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