2021 Huntington Conference CD Album


2021 Huntington WV CD Album is my latest release of messages that you need to hear!

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This 2021 Huntington WV series of services and messages were the most significant I have ever preached at the Huntington meetings. These NEW messages are very timely and needed. You will receive all 7 messages in a complete CD album when ordering this item.

The 7 Messages in this album include:

Friday PM – Stunning Strange Signs Occurring – Linked with the Days of Lot and Noah

                Several recent events, especially in America that are not being discussed are stunning parallels to the days of Noah and Lot! Just when we think we have seen every clue in the Word and history, events break out, and fresh revelation is revealed.  This is one of those messages exposing the new parallels.

Saturday AM- That ‘Besetting Thing’

                Many are being hindered by a “weight” or a “pet sin,” which is a burden and hinders their walk and race. It is a “besetting thing,” according to Paul.  There is one main “thing” in the church that is becoming “that besetting thing.” What is it, and how can we “lay it aside?”

Saturday PM – Look for This to Happen for the Antichrist System to Take Place

                Recent events demonstrate how government or business can set “controls,” that if not obeyed, will prevent a person from buying and selling, or in some cases, a person will lose their job. How does this new “control system” equate to the beast system identified in Revelation 13?  Is this a precursor to the famous “mark” in Revelation 13?

Sunday AM- Soul Ties to a Hindering Spirit

                Recent events and observations I have seen for months have demonstrated the power of a soul tie to a hindering spirit.  The enemy will use carnal and vindictive people who attach themselves to you and bring you down spiritually. We must break soul ties with some people, or we will walk in defeat.

Sunday AM #2 – Following the Path of Obed-Edom

                One man in the Bible, and 68 of his family members, demonstrated what happened when you place the presence of God in your house! You need to follow this man's path and learn how the divine presence in your home will impact everyone in your bloodline!

Sunday AM #3 – Satan’s Greatest Fear – the Revelation of the Blood

                This message is the ultimate revelation that many are unaware of, as to the heavenly temple and the blood of Christ; how it was applied to the sacred heavenly furniture, giving us access to heaven. We all need a fresh revelation on the power and authority of the blood of Christ. There are some amazing truths revealed in this message that few Christians know that will transform your understanding!

Sunday PM – The Joel Signs of Blood, Fire, and Pillars of Smoke

                Joel predicted a significant end-time sign that would occur before the tribulation and the return of Christ.  A new understanding of the prophecy is “blood, fire, and pillars of smoke.” The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is on the horizon!  How can you get ready, and what will be the trigger for the final release of the Spirit?

I believe I have a fresh ear to hear from God.  It is becoming evident in the messages He is giving me.  The new insight from the ancient prophecies will be apparent when you hear these messages. Be sure to order this CD album and be blessed with this latest insight!

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